Ripple 4D Cow’s Milk Powder professional medical formula is developed by professional pharmacists and nutritionists for joint pain and discomfort, joint muscle swelling and pain, and joint stiffness of the elderly with joint degeneration and severe joint problems. A cup of 4D cow’s milk powder daily can help relieve severe joint pain, improve muscle strength, repair joint cartilage, and rebuild healthy joints.

Feature of product

Add 7 major elements to strengthen joint repair, glucosamine, chondroitin, organic sulfur and collagen to help repair degenerated articular cartilage, add calcium, strengthen joints while supplementing calcium to repair bones. Lemon verbena extract (PLX) can help rebuild damaged muscle tissue, and tart cherries can prevent joint discomfort caused by uric acid.


Repair cartilage, relieve joint pain, strengthen muscle strength, and prevent joint discomfort caused by uric acid.

Suggested diet

Put 3 teaspoons (25g) in a drip cup, add 150ml of warm water, and mix with a spoon until it dissolves in the water.


Maltodextrin, palm kernel oil, dextrose, sodium caseinate, skimmed milk powder, tricalcium phosphate, glucosamine sulfate , whey protein, fructooligosaccharide (FOS) , pandan flavor , guar gum, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM),chondroitin sulfate, butterscotch flavor, lippie Citriodora Extract (PLX), citicoline, hydrolyzed collagen peptide, tart cherry extract and DHA.

Suitable for

-People with serious joint problems -Swelling and pain affect sleep

-Elderly with joint muscle degeneration -Bone rubbing and rattling

-Pain lasts for more than 3 years -Excessive or inappropriate use of joints

-Joint pain when inactive -Pain spreads to other joints