Ripple Ultimate Joint Health Capsule

After long-term research and development, Ripple developed the first 5-in-1 capsule for the Joint and Bone Health in the market. This capsule encompasses the 5 most known ingredients of proven efficacy for joint and bone health. Promote the metabolism and nutrition of bone and articular cartilage, increase the production of joint synovial fluid, and improve the lubrication effect.Increase joint flexibility and maintain joint function, prevent functional decline, for Joint and Bone, ligament abrasion and repair has excellent effect.

Indication: The elderly, or anyone who suffers from joint discomfort and arthritis, knee degenerative arthritis, reduced bone density growth, meniscus injury, hand and leg arthritis, sciatica, disc herniation, ankylosing spondylitis, supplement synovial fluid and repair damaged cartilage for physically active person with excessive physical activties

One tablet contains 400mg of the listed ingredients
Glucosamine,LippiaCitriodora,MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane),Collagen,Shark cartilage.

For maximum results, take 2 capsules twice per day after meal.

Precaution: Pregnant women and those who are planning for pregnancy should consult their doctor before taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Storage: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place. Tighten the cap when not in use.

Weight: 60s x 400mg

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