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A stressed mind and body hampers concentration and adds to other health problems. Take two products together, will help to relieve muscle soreness and beat insomnia. (Bee Apitherapy 90ml x 1 & Mate Tea x 2 )
Bee Apitherapy
Help blood circulation, reduce swelling and bruises, relax muscles and joints, rheumatism & arthritis, flooding, enhance cells vitality, penetrate the skin, has the effect of improving symptoms.
Can relieve muscle soreness,
fatigue, sprains, arthritis and rheumatoid pain, lumbar cervical strain. can also be used during warm up before exercise.
Mate Tea
National Drink of Argentina
Mate, is a traditional South American infused drink. It is particularly popular in Argentina, where a majority of the population consumes Mate tea everyday. Argentina is also the main producer and consumer of yerba mate. The leaves of Mate are made into teas, infusions or used as a flavouring agent in foods, which are not only enjoyed for its taste but also for its health benefits.
Suitable For
People of all ages.
Especially beneficial as supplementary requirements for people with concerns over:
1) Obesity 2) Good blood pressure health (high blood pressure)  3) Sugar management (diabetes) 4) Heart health 5) Asthma 6) Insomnia 7) Gastrointestinal problems eg Gastric, Constipation etc 8) Kidney stones 9) Lethargy Arthritis/ Gout /Rheumatism 10) Skin problems (eg acne) 11) Body odour
 Health Benefits
    • Relax body & mind, Lets you sleep better
    • Calming and rejuvenating
    • Promote bowel regularity & good complexion
    • Support healthy immune system & improve general well-being
    • Supports your mental and physical vitality
    Nett Weight Per Box: 30 sachets x 2.5g