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 A limited-edition gift set that features salt water crocodile oil series to help keep skin fresh, bright, and dewy. 

Crocodile Oil Series is  pre-order, and will ship by Nov 30.

a. Ripple Eye Gel 20 ML x 1

Ripple’s 100% Virgin Salt Water Crocodile Oil Eye Gel
Ripple’s Crocodile Oil range of products now extends to its latest variant, the 100% Virgin Salt Water Crocodile Eye Gel! Still harnessing the ancient therapeutic properties of crocodile oil, this eye gel is formulated specially for use in the area around the eyes, resulting in smoother and more supple skin. Packaged in a vibrating massager stick, the gel is easily absorbed and accentuates the appearance of your alluring eyes, while the gentle massaging motions smooth out any wrinkle lines and eye bags. Look sharp and youthful with Ripple’s 100% Virgin Salt Water Crocodile Eye Gel!
For general nourishment of the area around the eyes. Alleviates dark eye rings  and eye bag Highlights and rejuvenates fatigued eyes. Moisturizes and smooth the deep lines around the eyes.

b. Ripple Crocodile Oil 50ML (Fragrance) x3

Premium Quality

Ripple crocodile Oil is filled with Collagen proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Our quality product is easily absorbed, protecting and nourishing your skin. 


100% refine Saltwater Crocodile Oil (Premium Fragrance).


Effective for bleeding cracks from dry skin, knife cuts, frost bite, scalding, insect bites.

Nourishes blood and dissipates bruises, reduces scarring. 

Moisturizes skin and prevents wrinkling, removes freckles, UV protection.

Used for flaky and rough skin, prevents smelly feet.

Reduces acne growth and repel new acne growth.

Effective moisturizer for massage purposes.


Shake bottle before use. External use only. Apply 2 to 3 times daily over infected area then gently massage for best effect. 

c. Ripple Crocodile Oil Mask x 5 Slices

Ripple aquatic facial whitening repair mask with salt water crocodile oil

Ripple aquatic facial whitening repair mask is made from top graded pure saltwater crocodile oil extract combine with aquatic pearl essence and collagen. Amino acids, vitamins and a variety of beneficial elements is also added to enhance skin moisturization. Cleansing skin pigment stains, getting rid of freckles and effectively activating new skin cells for better facial skin relaxation and relieve from any facial allergies. Saltwater crocodile oil contains the bactericidal factor that helps to heal acne skin fast and clearing of any scars caused by skin diseases. Use Ripple aquatic facial whitening repair mask with salt water crocodile oil for better skin health with whitening effect, avoiding UV damage to your delicate skin, so that your skin can maintain a longer whitening luster.

Moisturizing + Whitening + Firming. All in just one step!

Ingredients: saltwater crocodile oil, aquatic pearl essence, collagen

Application for: Lack skin moisture, after sun repair, whitening care, lightens and remove spots or scars, repair sensitive skin and protect skin from acne.