• DHA also known as brain gold , It is an important part of our brain nervous system cell growth and retina; 20% in human cerebral cortex and about 50% in the retina.
  • They are very essential for intellectual and visual development.
  • Ripple Norway DHA500 deep sea fish oil not only contains high concentration of DHA, it is also rich in omega3 unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Omega3 plays an important role in human health.
  • The brain, eyes, nerves many other organs need omega3 to maintain normal function.
  • Long-term consumption of fish oil reduces stroke, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular infarction, and to large extent cancer prevention.


  • To protect the health of heart, brain and blood vessels.
  • Reduce the occurrence of heart disease.
  • Promote blood circulation to make blood vessels less clogged and lower blood pressure.
  • Preventing stroke and protecting eyesight can reduce the chance of macular degeneration.


Take 1-2 tablets daily.


This product cannot replace medicine


  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Store in a cool dry place and tighten the cap when not in use.


90s x 1000mg

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