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Why choose 3D Joint Care Milk Powder?

3D Joint Care Milk Powder is formulated based on a holistic and scientific approach that could enhance nutritional value to the best health benefit for Asian adults for the purpose of joint care and overall wellbeing. It has a balanced and full spectrum of nutrients present in this formula, thus your immune system will be boosted along with your strengthened bones and improved bone health. 
What is Calcium deficiency?

Calcium deficiency does not only mean that you have not taken enough calcium, more likely, it is the results of your compromised immune system and the lack of crucially- important vitamins and trace elements, which results in a poor absorption of calcium by the human body. 
Calcium intake cannot be simply achieved by taking calcium alone.  Calcium has to be combined with various vitamins including vitamin D, K, B12 and trace elements such as magnesium and phosphorus in order to be fully absorbed by human body, thereby achieving maximal bone care benefit.  
The 3D Milk Powder is rich in various vitamins and trace elements. The active ingredients include Calcium, Vitamins D, K, B12, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Fructose-oligosaccharide. 

3D Milk Powder is specially formulated for Asian people.  

  • Calcium with Vitamin D helps strengthened bones.
  • Vitamin K and B12 help maintain healthy bones, minimizing risks of osteoporosis, bone loss and bone fractures.
  • Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, maintain strong bones and regulate pulse rate.
  • Phosphorus plays important roles in promoting bone formation and growth.
  • Fructose-oligosaccharide helps to regulate and maintain a healthy digestive system.

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Net Weight: 900g
Pack Size:12 tins / carton