About Us

Ripple was founded in 1998. The brand is committed to promote holistic healthy culture. It introduces goat milk powder, joint care milk powder and other functional health and nutrition related products. Over the years, the products have quickly become one of the most popular adult milk powder products in Singapore and Hong Kong with its remarkable results. Some years ago, famous TVB actress Ms. Kristal Tin was the brand ambassador for Ripple, promoting the brand in the market and helping the public to have a better understanding of how Ripple products can bring value to their health. Thereafter, Ripple re-position itself towards science and professionalism by introducing new products with research and development, adding in med-science elements, with the intention to address health conditions and fulfill consumers’ health needs of different ages. Since then, Ripple's products have been certified for its results by health experts and Hong Kong's athletes!

Brand's Positioning 

There are many joint care or nutritious milk powder products in the market. Not all are effective. Ripple stands out from others because Ripple insisted on improving products with scientific formulation. Ripple always put priority on the effectiveness of the products, the ingredients are selected rigorously based on science, quality and supply consistency. Ripple products may cost more than others in the market, they are effective in dealing with adults' health problems. The Ripple's products had been proven effective by health experts and consumers, and it is certified and highly recommended by healthcare professionals and athletes. Thousands of users have witnessed and experienced its effect!