Starting off as a family business in the manufacturing of external analgesic products in Singapore, Fei Fah expanded its presence in Hong Kong and Malaysia by setting up offices in 1999 and 2007 respectively.  Since year 2000, Fei Fah further went on to develop and manufacture a new line of health supplements under its own brand, Ripple, to promote quality and healthy lifestyle to our customers. 

Mission Statement 
The mission of Fei Fah is to be the top international brand in healthcare and beauty products by providing holistic, high quality and nutritional products to meet our consumers' needs and preferences. This commitment underscores our dedication to our customers. 
To establish a strong hold in markets like Singapore, USA, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Hong Kong while setting sight on Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea and the Middle East. Fei Fah will also continue to invest extensively into research and development of new and existing products.

Our History
From humble beginnings, Mr Loh Yung Chai was a very well-known Chinese physician in a little town in Pahang, Malaysia. Loh was well-known for his kindness and honesty in treating the sick and the poor. A silent philanthropist, Loh strongly believed the need to contribute back to the community with his earnings and savings from his hard work and thrifty lifestyle. Loh Yung Chai’s name quickly became a brand that is so fondly remembered by those who knew him.
Starting Ripple
With the success for Fei Fah Medical, we have evolved to include Ripple as one of the company's new product range.