As we get older, the body's lack of glucosamine will lead to joint cartilage degradation. Glucosamine is an important nutrient for the formation of cartilage cells. It will help to enhance the cartilage development and increased joint lubrication. It also helps to repair and maintain as well as stimulate growth of cartilage cells and tissues.

Ripple Glucosamine 1500 Repair Cream uses a non-oily formula that contains glucosamine of high purity, collagen and MSM which has been scientifically tested and approved for usage.


Its unique formulation helps:

  1. To rebuild cell lubricants, repair the articular cartilage and helps in its regeneration.
  2. It reduces friction between the articular cartilage surfaces to reduce pain, swelling and other symptoms so that the normal joint function can be completely restored.
  3. Best Use for Arthritis, neuritis, ligaments, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, gout.
  4. Joint pain, muscle tension and fatigue after exercise, sprains, numbness, cramps, inflammation and swelling.