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Ripple Colostrum Milk Powder
Colostrum is the milk secreted by cows within the first 72 hours of calving. It contains immunoglobulin and growth factor for growth and development. the higher content of IgG provides greater protection against disease. 
Ripple Colostrum Milk Powder is processed at low temperature to retain its natural and unique properties. It contains 50mg of DHA and 1500mg of IgG per 100g of Colostrum. 

New Zealand

Colostrum powder, IgG, Skim milk, Full cream milk Maltodextrin, Vegetable oil, Glucose, Sodium caseinate, Tri-calcium phosphate, DHA, AA, ALA (Perilla Extract).

Colostrum VS. Milk: What’s the Difference?

Important Note
Keep unopened can in a cool, dry place. Avoid from exposure to the sunlight or excessive heat. To ensure freshness after opening, keep can closed with plastic cover and its lid secured firmly. ensure the scoop is properly cleaned and dried before placing it back into the can. Consume within 4 weeks once the seal is opened. 
For Bulk Purchase, please refer to the information below: Net Weight: 400g Pack Size:12 tins / carton


牛初乳奶粉(IgG 1500mg) 是母牛产后头七十二小时内分泌出来的母乳,含免疫球蛋白和生长因子,而免疫球蛋白G (简称 IgG)的含量越高,发挥防卫疾病的功效便越佳,所以牛初乳能提供身体所需的营养素以促进身体成长。